What are cookies? And how do they affect your business?

Updated: Apr 4

It’s Friday which means it’s treat day for most of us. What’s your treat of choice? One of my favourites is cookies!

But as I’m sure most of you already know, cookies aren’t just a sweet treat - they’re small pieces of code that websites deliver to a visitor’s browser and stick around as the person visits other sites. Cookies can be used to track users across multiple sites to target ads and see how they perform.

What are cookies? And how do they affect your business?

If your business has relied heavily on online ads via social media or Google, you’re about to have quite the shakeup. Consumer privacy is becoming a huge issue, and companies like Apple are moving to completely change the way online ads are done.

The traditional cookie system is crumbling, which means less accuracy in targeting audiences and in gathering analytics on advertising performance and buyer behaviour. There’s still a lot of uncertainty, so no one has definitive answers about what paid digital advertising will look like on the other side.

What should your digital strategy look like after the obsolete of cookies?

Focus on organic channels like community building and high-quality, SEO-driven content marketing as they still drive more value than ever.

It’s increasingly important to diversify your marketing strategy to avoid putting too many eggs in one basket.

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