How salon owners can make more money

Updated: Apr 9

The beauty industry has taken one of the hardest hits due to covid, so I thought it would be a nice idea to create a list of how salon owners (like you) can make more money while beauty salon is shut.

How do salon owners make more money


Create a private Instagram account and hold live masterclasses. Charge a small fee per ticket and share your knowledge!

Online courses

If you have a Teaching Qualification, you can create online courses. This is the time when people will be considering career changes.


Create an online Ebook that you can sell for a small fee. It can be an informative starter pack for people wanting to enter your industry.


Offer the opportunity to win a product or service by buying a raffle ticket for a small fee. Make sure to create a question for entrees to ensure its a competition as opposed to gambling.

Flash sales

Hold flash sales and offer a discount on bookings if they are made now, for appointments after lockdown. Remember to always take deposits!

Offer paid promotions

If you have high enough engagement on your social media profiles, you may be able to charge for post and story promotions. Be sure to have your insights at the ready to prove your reach!

Sell hair and beauty products

Add an online shop to your website and start selling the products that you would sell in your salon! Selling online will increase your audience from your local area to the rest of the UK! If you've not got a website and aren't quite ready to get one, you can set up an Instagram Shop (via Facebook) instead.

Try affiliate marketing

Get paid a commission to help sell another brands product or service. Not only does social media give you an opportunity to sell via affiliates, but also through your blog. If you have a large archive of posts it would be worth the time going through them and infusing affiliate links to posts gaining the most impressions. Don't forget to add a disclaimer telling people that you've included an affiliate link within the post or you could get penalised!

Are you a salon owner who has been making more money using another method not listed above? Let us know and we'll get it added!

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