How to invite me as a contributor on your new or existing website

Updated: Jan 27

If you're here it's likely you've secured your spot in my diary (yay!) and are working your way through your action list... One of the first things on your action list is creating a Wix account and giving me access so that I can design the website of your dreams.

There are two different ways of inviting someone to be a contributor. The first way is on your tablet/computer (1 of 2) and the second is on the Wix App (2 of 2). Continue reading to find both tutorials.

1 of 2) How to invite a contributor on Wix on your computer

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard.

Step 2: Select 'Site Actions' and click 'Invite Contributor' from the dropdown list.

You will now be presented with this page:

Step 3: Enter your website contributor's email address (I will have emailed you mine), select the appropriate roles (Admin/Website Manager) and then press 'Send Invite'.

2 of 2) How to invite a contributor on Wix using the Wix App

Step 1: Go to your Dashboard.

Step 2: Go from the 'Overview' tab to 'Manage'.

Step 3: Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and select 'Roles & Permissions'. If you can't find this, it's within the Tools & Settings dropdown list.

Step 4: Click on 'Contributors'.

Step 5: Press '+ Invite Contributor'.

Step 6: Enter your website contributor's email address, select the appropriate roles and then press the 'Send' button which can be located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

What happens after sending a contributor invite on Wix?

The person that you have invited to contribute to your Wix site will receive an email invite that will look something like the below, where they will need to 'Accept Now'. This will add your website to their list of 'My Sites' which will enable them to edit and manage your website in line with the settings that you have chosen.

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