How to turn your busy days into productive ones

Updated: Feb 11

Being busy means doing stuff, but being productive means getting stuff done.

Here's how you can transform your work-from-home 'office' into a workspace that improves productivity allowing you to achieve more in less time (adding more hours to your day):

Clean up your workspace

Simplifying often means cleaning up. Some people are naturally more orderly, but research makes it clear that a tidy, simplified workspace promotes productivity for everyone.

Create the right energy

Your workspace reflects who you are, so make it welcoming, calming and focused. The formula is fluid, but incorporating a few personal touches with a lot of open desk space will do wonders for your mental focus. Quality lighting that’s not too glaring and not too dim is also vital for optimum productivity.

Keep a notebook

Research has shown that writing notes by hand creates better retention. Scribbling down a list or agenda each day allows you to sort and prioritize activities, so that you enter your day with more clarity and focus.

Turn off your notifications - on all devices!

The idea that being constantly available makes you a better worker is a myth. Shut off your alerts across your different devices, establish time blocks for checking messages, and watch your productivity surge.

Every minute of your life is gold. Are you treating it that way?

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