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Despite the whirlwind of a year that it has been thus far, 2020 has most likely had you reassessing and re-evaluating your current and future work goals. Whether you’re entering a tough job market as a recent graduate or were furloughed from work, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about diversifying your streams of income. So if you’ve been putting off turning that side passion into a side hustle, now is the time to get started!

Starting a side hustle OR business from your bedroom

Using my experience as a Marketing and Communications professional combined with my passion for design, I launched High Flying Design during the coronavirus pandemic to help bring hair and beauty salons online after being forced to shut. Since June 2020 (when I launched my website design studio), I’ve had the opportunity to help and support both service-based businesses and retailers - whether just starting out or ready to level up - in growing their brands online.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Pepper Your Talk about how I started my own side hustle and the advice I wish I knew at the start of my journey. From the importance of finding a mentor and asking for advice to researching your audience – get inspired and get booked!

Read the article over at Pepper Your Talk

If you've not yet got a side hustle but would like to earn an extra $1,000 a month, here is a convenient list of online side hustle ideas:

  1. Begin Freelancing

  2. Start Blogging

  3. Sell Products Online

  4. Build a Dropshipping and/or Print on Demand Store

  5. Try Affiliate Marketing

  6. Create Educational Content (An Online Course/Ebook)

  7. Sell Stock Photos

  8. Teach English Online

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