How to use your business  for good 

1. Partner with a non-profit you're passionate about

When you choose to work with High Flying Design, your impact goes beyond your business and community. You get to invest in the future of women and girls on the other side of the world - turning their dreams into a reality!

How? You may wonder. Let us explain...

Each quarter our founder, Shannon, donates a percentage of her profits to Kurandza. Kurandza's mission is to provide educational and sustainable development programs for girls to become leaders in their villages in Mozambique.

With an education, we (as women) have more employment opportunities, we provide better health care for our family, and have the ability to send our children to school and stop the cycle of poverty in our families. Unfortunately, this isn't the case around the world...


Did you know that 132 million girls around the world can't go to school? And when a girl can't go school she's more likely to become a child bride, have unplanned pregnancies or contract HIV. She's more likely to earn a smaller income, and are less likely to have the financial means and desire to send her own daughters to school, which creates a cycle of poverty.

In year six at school, Shannon learnt about poverty in Africa and knew that she wanted to make an impact. Once Kurandza came in her path, creating a partnership felt natural. Shannon plans on volunteering in Africa in the future. 

How to use your business for good

2. Recommend your friends who are in business

We often get asked about services that aren't within our realm of expertise, which allows us to recommend our friends who are also in business. 

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