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and you've not got an impactful website?

social media disappears


With social media growth outstripping the global human birth rate, you’re right! It’s pretty unlikely that social media is ever going to disappear. However, it is good for business to give your website just as much attention as you do your social media marketing... Ideally, your social media should be used as a marketing tool to drive traffic back to your website.

Studies show that a website can make or break a sale with a potential customer, so it is important to build an impactful website to position your brand ahead of competitors. Whether you need a website from scratch or a complete redesign, let's work together to create a bespoke website that works for you 24/7/365 days a year!

'The One' from just £797

'Like A Boss' from just £1616

Bring your thriving business online with an informative website made bespoke for your service-based business. Key features you might need include (but are not limited to) contact forms, newsletter sign-ups, PDF downloads, testimonials, a blog, as well as a booking system - useful if you don't already have one set up!

Optional eCommerce upgrade: For an additional £314+ you can gain access to features that will allow you to sell both digital and physical products on your website. Specific eCommerce features like abandon cart emails, customer email automations, gift vouchers and cookie opt-ins are included within this upgrade.

Shopify is the fastest-growing eCommerce provider with a 20% share of the top million websites. The biggest brands on Shopify include Heinz, The BBC, Gymshark, ColourPop and Tatti Lashes. For those of you who sell physical products who are looking to join them, my 'Like A Boss' eCommerce Shopify website package is perfect for you.

Whilst Shopify does have an array of free and premium templates available to use, a bespoke website design can capture the essence of the relationship between yourself and your clients to help you stand out in your industry. 

Choose the best bespoke website package for your business:

I absolutely cannot thank Shannon from High Flying Design enough. My website is an actual work of art. She carefully listened to all my needs for the website, and fulfilled each and every one of them. Not only has it made my life easier in terms of customer payments, it has also massively increased my customer trust. It is the most beautiful website I have ever seen and I can’t believe its mine!

My website is a work of art

image (2).png

I can't thank Shannon enough for all of her hard work. In the first month of my website being live I have gained 1,082 site sessions and £1.8k in sales. Working with Shannon to bring my business online has helped my mental state, I was starting to feel so crap being closed!

This is insane!

I want to see you thrive online!