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Bespoke Website Design

I'm proud that I can say that all of my website designs are completely bespoke (an original design) and made with my client in mind. There is usually a gap in the pricing of a bespoke designed website vs a template website but that all comes down to the quality, the attention to detail and getting exactly what it is you need for your businesses online presence.

Have you ever gone onto the mobile version of a website and you're faced the desktop site? That's a version that has not been optimised for mobile. Mobile optimization is when the site will reformat itself on mobile and tablet devices making for an improved user experience. You can expect to see larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and differently optimized images. Having a mobile optimised design is an effective way to keep visitors on your website for longer and increase your SEO (Google favours mobile-friendly sites)!

It's so important for your business to be as discoverable as possible which is why I put in the necessary work to make sure all of my bespoke web designs are Search Engine Optimised (SEO). It's essential that you have a long-term SEO strategy in place, but to get you started I will get the essentials set up for you.

Whilst your salon's doors have been forced to close, that doesn't mean your business has to stop. Over the last few months, I've spent a lot of time adding e-commerce features to the brochure websites of my clients with beauty and hair salons. As you would have seen from the testimonials above, I've can help you turn your expense into a worthwhile investment.  An e-commerce website will enable you to start getting paid passively while you're watching tv!

How our process works


Discover, Research & Plan

It's Design Time!

Post Launch Support

At the beginning of our experience, I will really take my time to understand where you'd like your business to be in the next three to four years and what you hope to achieve from your website. I will educate myself on your business, industry, target market and customers. With all of this information, I will create the website sitemap, and if required I will create an in-depth SEO strategy and develop website content.

At this stage, we'll also decide which website builder is right for you - I work with Wix & Shopify.

Ready to get started?

As a part of my web design service, you'll receive a walkthrough tutorial if requested of the backend of your new bespoke website so that you can feel confident using it! You will also gain priority in my inbox for one-month after launching your website where I will provide you with any answers to questions you may have, advice and small site changes.

If you find you need ongoing support, I offer website management and maintenance for £50/month. 

So now that I've gained a clear vision of what you want and need, I can get to the fun part - designing! The way that I find works best for me is to simply start designing directly onto the selected website builder. I'll keep you in the loop throughout this process, showing you the design as we go along to ensure it's everything you expected (and hopefully, more)! 


If you're looking for a female web designer who can provide a web design as a pdf to pass along to your development team, that's something that I can also help with. Please specify this requirement when telling me about your project.

Test & Launch

Once you've signed off your bespoke web design, I will test your website to ensure everything is the way it should be. After this simple stage, it's launch time! As a part of your launch, I will always share the exciting news (unless asked otherwise) on the High Flying Design social profiles. 

I'm the doer. You're the dreamer. I want to see you thrive online.


What would you do if...


and you've not got an impactful website?

social media dies


If you're about to have a mental breakdown at the thought of this, it's time to stop putting it off. Let's work together to design a beautiful, user-friendly website that works for your business 24/7/365 days a year!

I absolutely cannot thank Shannon from High Flying Design enough. My website is an actual work of art. She carefully listened to all my needs for the website, and fulfilled each and every one of them. Not only has it made my life easier in terms of customer payments, it has also massively increased my customer trust. It is the most beautiful website I have ever seen and I can’t believe its mine!

My website is a work of art
This is insane!

I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. In the first month of my website being live I have effortlessly gained 1,082 site sessions and £1.8k in sales. Working with Shannon to bring my business online has helped my mental state, I was starting to feel so crap being closed!


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